We cater programs for children of age 5-12. Training happens every Sunday. 
Read up on our membership policy to be aware of the different terms and conditions.
Participants are eligible for our reward system which includes sports related items.


Training happens weekly every Sundays. There are 4 different age groups in our program. Training timings will differ for each group.

We go by a term basis, each term lasts 8 sessions. We welcome both boys and girls to join!
Register now with 3 steps!
  1. Download the forms above.
  2. Fill in the forms.
  3. Come down for our training sessions with your completed forms, and find our administrators for registration (Located outside the field)
Age Group / Training timings
  • Ages 5 - 6 (8:00am-9:00am)
  • Ages 7 - 8 (9:15am-10:15am)
  • Ages 9 - 10 (10.30am-12noon)
  • Ages 11,12 & 13 (5:00pm -6:30pm)
FEES : SGD 80.00 / Term
* 1 Term = 8 Training sessions
* For your 1st session, come down in your sports attire (e.g. Shoes and Shin guard).
* Shin guard and socks can be purchase from our administrators (if needed).

* For any further enquires, contact Mr. Lim at (HP) +65 9733 8962.


Renewal of membership is to be done at the start of every new term.
Training time and date are subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances.
E.g. Bad weather conditions.
In the event of training cancellation, our program administrator will decide on the date for a replacement training session.
Players are required to be in PACF training kit (issued) along with soccer boots/running shoes during training.
Attendance is to be taken at the start of all training sessions.
SHINGUARD is compulsory for all training sessions and competitions.


Participants are entitled to one stamp per training session. Stamps are used to fill cards which allows participants to exchange them for different gifts at our administration booths!
Terms And Conditions
  1. Only one stamp will be given per training session.
  2. Stamps will only be given at the start of the training sessions.
  3. Cards/Stamps are non-transferable.
  4. Cards are non-returnable upon exchange.
  5. Any cards that are found to be tempered with will be voided.
  6. Rewards are non-exchangeable for cash.
* PACF reserves the right to amend rewards and its conditions without prior notice.