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Our Awards

The Award Presentation Ceremony is organised by Bukit Batok East CSC PAssion Children’s Football management with goals to motivate and reward players who have performed well throughout weekly training sessions. The Ceremony is conducted annually and each presentation ceremony will have two types of awards for each age group. The awards types are as follows:

Most Improved Player Award

The award recipient must have shown significant improvements in skills and has remained participative in all trainings with a prompt attendance. This award recognises player’s hard work and hopes to motivate award winners to continue to practice on their free time. Passion Children’s Football hopes to cultivate sheer determination amongst players which will transcend off the pitch and into real life


Coach Award

The award recipient is someone who has shown high levels of enthusiasm, demonstrates leadership qualities and is a team player with his or her peer. To qualify for the award, players must have a maintained a good attendance and is respectful towards their coaches. The award recipient will be shortlisted by his respective coaches. Players are rewarded for their positive spirit and Passion Children’s Football hopes to motivate award winners to inspire their peers.

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